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Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base

Application Techniques

How do I avoid cutting into paintwork?

Use Knifeless Tapes to make any cuts and avoid any damage to the vehicle paintwork underneath. You can also use the edges of vehicle panels to trim.

How do I wrap corners?

When stretching around corners you should apply heat over a large area and then let the vinyl naturally drop into place without over-stretching. By heating a small area, stretching and applying, you are running the risk of the vinyl becoming overstretched and failing over a large surface area of the panel.

How do I cut and trim the wrap?

Use the flat edge of the scalpel against the bodywork, not directly onto the paintwork. Always change your blade between cuts to ensure the neatest possible finish. Always cut to the opposite edge from the one you need to cover.

How do I apply matt films?

It is critical that you handle matt films carefully to avoid overstretching the film, which can make it become glossy. Use heat consistently over a larger area for application. Heating helps to soften the vinyl and make it more conformable, and by applying heat to a larger area you should avoid distorting the film. Matt films may also show fingermarks easily, which can be cleaned using a lint free towel and 2:1 mixture of IPA and water.

How do I wrap wing mirrors?

The most common mistake when fitting vinyl to a wing mirror or similar part of the car is to use too little film for the application. By not using enough film, you will overstretch the vinyl which will cause puckering and shrinkage. Instead use a piece of vinyl 3 to 4 times the size of the section of the car you are wrapping.