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Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base

Cleaning / Preparation

Can I wrap a vehicle that has been re-sprayed?

All wrap films should be applied to a “like new” vehicle finish for the best results. Any rust, bubbling, scratches, dents or damage will be visible through the film. Beware of newly painted or repaired bodywork – it is recommended that you wait 14 days minimum after any repair work to body panels.

When should I begin application?

After cleaning make sure that the vehicle is completely dry. If necessary, use a heat gun to dry any retained liquid. This is to ensure there are no traces of water remaining which may interfere with the adhesive.

Once you have cleaned the vehicle, apply the graphic immediately. Dust and contaminants may prevent the adhesive from performing as expected. Application should be done in a meticulously clean, dry and dust free environment – to avoid attracting dust from the static when the liner is removed.

How do I use 3M Surface Preparation Cleaner?

Before wrapping, clean the vehicle thoroughly with 3M Surface Preparation System to remove any oils/waxes. Use lint-free paper towels, one to clean and one to dry off. Surface Preparation Cleaner can be used sparingly. It is applied with a cloth and then dried and buffed off to ensure all contaminants are removed, even tar.

3M Surface Preparation Cleaner is petroleum distillate based, which absorbs and dissolves more than alcohol based cleaners that may not remove all waxes on the vehicle. Alcohol based cleaners flash off, but this may not remove all dirt. They can also vaporise with heat, creating wet spots which may contaminate the surface.