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Paint Protection Film

Optically Clear Surface Protection Film

An optically clear coated urethane film that protects automotive paint finishes against stonechips and minor abrasions. Cover bumpers, headlights, wings, wingmirrors and bonnet edges on cars and bikes. Warranted against yellowing or cracking.

3M VentureShield protects the most vulnerable surfaces on your vehicle from damage caused by stone chips, environmental elements, bugs, scratches and minor abrasions. It can help to maintain the residual value of your vehicle to virtually eliminate stone chips, scratches and paint damage.

Key Benefits

  • Optically clear protection film
  • Available in kit format for most vehicle types
  • Warranted against yellowing or cracking
  • Easily applied to bumpers, headlights, wings, wingmirrors and bonnet edges


We have used 3M VentureShield Surface Protection film for one or two jobs that were quite demanding in terms of what the material was required to do and it went on brilliantly. We have been very happy with the results.

Jon Scrafton, M4 UK

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